Collaboration With Partners

B.ACADEMY provides courses and immersion workshops that connect you with some of the best brains of the industry offering a unique learning experience. Our partners are amongst the most reputable and professional companies in the industry and share a strong ambition to shape the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Current Partners

Our mission is to train a generation of developers that leverage blockchain technology to improve how people trade, make contracts, build organizations and organize societies. Blockchain technology will profoundly impact banking, financial services, law and accountancy in the near future. Business process automation powered by smart contracts will enable enterprises to attain operational efficiencies previously considered impractical.

Blockchain Source is a consulting company focusing on applying blockchain technologies to help our clients understand how these can improve existing business use cases as well as develop innovative solutions. Our expert know-how covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Smart Contracts.


Access to financial services is a fundamental driver of social and individual well-being.Monetas develops technologies that help connect anyone with a smartphone to financial services. Our mission is to build solutions that give everyone the freedom they need, creating a freer and more prosperous world.

Diamond Coin is the first digital currency fully backed by investment grade diamonds. Our mission is to use cutting-edge technology and our in-depth knowledge about commodities and the financial markets to offer true innovation to our clients. The solutions we provide are secure by design, disruptively efficient, and focus on real privacy.

We will work with the most reputable and professional counterparties only, in order to provide true excellence in client service and process execution.

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