B.ACADEMY for Organizations

A holistic understanding of blockchain to help drive effective organizational response

Large organizations such as companies and governments are often too slow to respond to new technological trends. That's because technological transformation often remains for too long a topic for the IT department, disconnected from the firm's overall strategy. Impenetrable jargon and unclear use cases are part of the reason. Another problem is the lack of a process for evaluating tech from x-functional perspectives in order to get a common, holistic view on its potential for the firm. 

B.ACADEMY’s tech immersion workshop offers organizations a jargon-free platform to turn understanding of the potential of blockchain into real-life business scenarios. Participants will get a proper understanding of blockchain, understand its relevance to their own organization and so be in a position to draw the right conclusions for future activities and investment. Participants will enjoy a unique learning experience, based on a new didactic formula using TED style talks, social learning and design thinking methodologies. If you tell us what your needs are ahead of time, we can tailor the workshop directly to your business context. 

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