B.ACADEMY for Individuals

A better learning experience through connecting with others.

There is tons of material on the web about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But the quality of the information is very uneven. And since most of the material is generated by IT specialists for other IT specialists, it tends to be focused on the technology itself, and not on its uses. This makes it hard to comprehend for a lay audience. 

B.ACADEMY provides a unique learning experience, based on a new didactic formula using TED style talks, social learning and design thinking methodologies. Top industry experts will introduce you to the topic and update you on the latest developments. In addition you will be able to discuss the topic in moderated workshops together with other participants. The active exchange with peers helps you hone your understanding of the technology, understand its relevance for you and your business, and so draw the right conclusions for your future activities and investment. At the end of the day you will find that, instead of being exhausted by new information, you feel enriched by fresh insights and new concrete ideas.

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