B.ACADEMY for Executives

The big banks are catching up with blockchain. How about you?

"Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contract? That’s something for our CTO!“ If you are a C-level executive with this mindeset, you may be asking for trouble.  Blockchain technology will change the way we as a society transfer value, whether monetary or in the form of goods and services. Sooner or later, this will impact your business too. It's better to find it out what you need to know now while you can stay ahead of the curve. 

B.ACADEMY provides a unique learning experience based on a new didactic formula using TED style talks, social learning and design thinking methodologies. Top experts from different industries will give you unbiased insights to the topic and update you on the latest developments - all in a language you will find easy to understand. In addition you will be able to discuss the impact of that technology in moderated workshops together with experts. Through active exchange with your peers you can hone your understanding of blockchain, get a sense of its relevance for you and your business and so draw the right conclusions for your sector in your company. At the end of the day you will be enriched by insights taken from a wide variety of industries and armed with concrete ideas for how to kick-off and drive this topic in your organization.

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